Child and Family Counseling Services

I believe the purpose of child and family counseling is to help people develop their natural strengths so they can thrive in their emotional lives and in their relationships. I am  passionate about helping children progress from anxious, withdrawn and irritable to becoming more confident and content.  In my work, I  focus on thoughts, feelings and behaviors that interfere with your child’s healthy family relationships, healthy social relationships and school success by designing developmentally appropriate therapeutic strategies.

Counseling sessions are designed with your family’s goals in mind, establishing a warm, positive, and playful relationship in which healing and growth can occur.  Your child can increase their self-awareness, tap into their strengths, and learn new skills.  Through the counseling process, a foundation is developed to give your child a “toolbox” of coping and communication skills that can continue to help them throughout their lives.

I offer counseling services to children age four and older, teenagers, parents and families. Child and family counseling services begin with an assessment to best understand your child’s needs and to gain information for the creation of developmentally appropriate  interventions.  My training in play therapy, expressive arts therapies, and cognitive behavioral therapy allows me many therapeutic options for encouraging your child’s growth.  I strongly believe in a family centered, solution focused approach to counseling and encourage an environment where all family members can feel safe and be heard.

Providing your child with the gift of counseling can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for them when they are struggling. As a parent, you will feel better knowing your child is receiving the right support and help.

“There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: One is roots the other is wings.” Hodding Carter