Collaborative Divorce Child Specialist

Are you feeling overwhelmed, powerless or concerned about how to support your child through the many emotions and changes that occur during a divorce?

Do you feel hopeless or confused about how you and your spouse could ever develop a successful co-parenting plan?

You and your child are most likely experiencing a range of emotions during this stressful time.  Developing a plan to help your child cope successfully with the effects of divorce/separation will be critical for the wellbeing of your child. Collaborative Divorce provides a healthy, supportive alternative to high-conflict divorce.  After working with many families during and after divorce and separation, I understand that divorce can be a time of high stress with limited communication.   I have helped many families navigate through this transition phase and develop successful co-parenting relationships.

I am passionate about helping families and believe that children should have a voice in the divorce process.  Through family interviews, I can offer that voice and advocate for the best interests of your child by providing information useful to create the co-parenting plan.  I can give insight by actively listening to their questions, worries, feelings, needs and hopes during the interview process.  I believe in a family centered approach to my interviews where you, your spouse and your child can be heard and feel safe.   I am skilled at facilitating communication with children of all ages.  Strategies include but are not limited to verbal interviewing with older children and play and art to encourage communication in younger children.  I am knowledgeable in child development and also specialize in treating anxiety and sleep disorders. I maintain membership in the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

My goal as a Child Specialist is for your child to have an optimal relationship with both parents and for you and your spouse to develop a successful co-parenting plan which will enable your family to successfully transition to raising your child in two homes.   Choosing to work together as co-parents offers your family the possibility of a future that you can be proud of because of the choices you made during the divorce and can be one of the anchors of your family’s future stability and happiness.

Contact me for a telephone consultation to further discuss your goals and concerns.

Kim Restivo, MA, LPC


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Coastal Collaborative Colleagues is a non-profit organization committed to working to resolve differences that arise during divorce with respect and cooperation, without court intervention, while addressing the needs of all family members. Coastal Collaborative Colleagues’ members are independent attorneysfinancial professionals and mental health professionals specially trained in the Collaborative Divorce process. Our mission is to educate and inform the public about the Collaborative Divorce process, to foster the provision of services through training, and to provide southeastern North Carolina with an alternative to the traditional adversarial divorce process.

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